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Calling all ’90s kids: Your old Happy Meal toys are making a comeback


The year was 1999. Y2K was a looming threat, “…Baby One More Time” was still topping the charts, and kids around the world had piles of fast food toys hiding beneath their beds. Some decades later, McDonald’s is amping up the nostalgia by bringing back their old Happy Meal toys.

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For the 40th anniversary of the iconic Happy Meal, McDonald’s customers from over 90 countries are getting a special old school treat. The limited release will run from Nov. 7 to 11. Some of the toys making a comeback are 1998’s Tamagotchi keychain, the 1999 Furby, and the “Space Jam” rendition of Bugs Bunny.

There’s no official word yet on whether or not they’ll release them in the Philippines, but we’ve got this not-so-cryptic tweet to count on.


Photo courtesy of McDonald’s



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