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These themed homestays will make your staycations interesting

These themed homestays will make your staycations interesting

Traveling: Every 20-something’s favorite work desk daydream. Unfortunately, my bank account is always on the verge of flatlining, so it’s rarely ever an option. But we all do need a little getaway every now and then.

Because of that, one of my favorite pastimes is to hunt for nearby Airbnbs to have a little staycation. It’s a quarter of the cost of a full trip, but it still gives me a quiet thrill when I open the door to a new and perfect little home that’s all mine—at least for a few days.

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A fun development I noticed over my year of casual property window shopping is the rise of themed rooms. Staycations aren’t just about having a bed with a great thread count anymore—it’s about what else you get aside from your basic room. 

To help you out on your cheap retreat needs (because lord knows we all need it), you can check out these unique homestays.

Cozy Sunlit Studio in Makati

Any quiet, solitary place in the metro is a miracle in itself. This little nook is all about getting some one-on-one time with you and your own thoughts. Plus swinging in a hammock is always fun.

Overlooking Forest Cabin

If you’ve ever wanted to go off-grid in a picturesque, Wes Anderson-type cabin in a forest—because who doesn’t?—then this Airbnb comes real close. Imagine working on those personal creative projects you’ve set aside in the name of capitalism here. (Okay, that may have been too specific.)

Game & Chill Pad

A giant HD TV, an Xbox with 60 games, and good ol’ Netflix and iFlix. Sold yet? This couch potato’s ultimate dream is all anybody needs for a lazy weekend. DND ‘til Monday, please.


Now this pad takes things to the next level. Aside from having a PlayStation 4 (complete with 4 controllers no less), the place has a ton of board games plus musical instruments. There’s also—drum roll please—a karaoke machine. It’s basically ticked all the boxes for a low key game night with the gang.

Mini Movie Theater

This Airbnb is built to satisfy all your binge watching needs. The 84” motorized projector makes you feel like you’re in your own personal theater. There’s even popcorn you can pop yourself with an old-timey popcorn machine. Double feature, anyone?

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