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Smart flip phones are a thing now, but do we need them?


Yesterday, the whole internet freaked out about Motorola Razr’s comeback. It’s back from the dead, had its well-deserved glow up, and it’s ready to take on 2020. 

It seems that everything you grew up with is back again. Y2K is in resurgence, our favorite alt-rock bands are going on tour again, and of course, our fave gadgets are returning, too. The simplest example would be the return of flip phones. 

Since technology is all about moving forward, they brought flip phones back by making it a smartphone too. 

We got all excited with Motorola Razr’s official release yesterday. But if you’re a bit tech-savvy, you already know that they weren’t the first ones to do it. Y2K tech-giants Nokia released their version of a smart flip phone last September.

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With Nokia 2720 Flip, they improved an older version of the classic Nokia 2720 by making it 4G ready, allowing consumers to access Facebook and Whatsapp. The device also has a Google Assistant, an emergency button, and up to 27 days of battery life. Not bad for a company whose last claim to relevance was their Express Music series.

But this was still underwhelming compared to what Samsung cooked up. 

Last October, Samsung re-released its version of a smart flip phone—the Galaxy Fold. We say re-released because it’s a bit of an embarrassment. Its screen got destroyed within weeks of use.

2019 is a year where smart flip phones became a thing.

As of last month, they have re-released it and sort of had its kinks fixed. The Galaxy Fold is sort of a tablet that folds in half; its processors perform quite well, and its battery lifespan holds up. Still, professional reviews, like the one in The Verge, thinks that the screen durability is still bad and its display quality is rather lacking. Not to mention it’s awkward and bulky as a phone.

With these two terrible releases, does a smart flip phone stand a chance? Maybe the new Motorola Razr can end these trash drops once and for all.

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“But the new Razr is much more than just a familiar brand name. This is a true heir to the original flip phone,” wrote The Verge. It has a fingerprint reader, a 16MP front-facing camera, f/1.7 with Night Vision mode, and 5MP selfie camera. The most important part is—it folds like a classic flip phone without a damn hassle.

The Motorola Razr unfolds as a fully flat panel. When the user flips it open, there are no visible or tactile creases. It looks like your average android phone with its gap barely discernible. The design isn’t for nostalgia’s sake either. If we’re being honest, it solves our problem with smartphones being quite bulky.

In fact, [flip phones] might be the future of smartphones. Too bad the future isn’t here just yet.

Other features include limited front display options to lessen internet usage and a solid built-in screen protector. Sadly, it’s not photography ready.

“The company says that the decision here for the weaker processor is to optimize battery life and heat: in order to have a day-long battery and the thin design, it had to go with a slower chip. The lackluster 16-megapixel camera is a similar decision,” Motorola disclosed in a press statement.

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2019 is a year where smart flip phones became a thing. But with tech reviewers asking whether these models are worth buying, it’s clear that we have to wait ‘till smart flip phones can outrank Samsung S10s and even the new iPhones. 

“It’s too expensive, with specs that are too weak for the price, especially compared to the wealth of more powerful phones with better cameras and hardware that are available,” said The Verge. And according to Wired, let’s remember the price tag on this baby. “The big question is whether people will want to pay $1,500 or more for a phone that has the benefit of being a little more pocketable.”

Right now, smart flip phones are a pretty cool and feasible idea. This year proves that bringing back the flip phone is not a mere nostalgia stunt. In fact, it might be the future of smartphones. Too bad the future isn’t here just yet.

And if reviewers are saying Motorola Razr, the most feasible smart flip phone out there, might not be worth the instant buy—then they won’t get my hard-earned coins. I quote Y2K icon Paris Hilton: “Thats hot, your not. (typos included)”

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