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This game lets you become a museum director

This game lets you become a museum director

If you’re obsessed with museums (or you’re just vaguely curious about the ins and outs of heading one), then let me introduce you to this new Sims-like game. Don’t worry, non-gamers are welcome.

Developed by Viewport Games and Kitfox Games, “Mondo Museum” is a simulation game that lets you construct, lead, and curate your very own museum. Yup, it’s the dream: Being able to keep artistic integrity by avoiding theft and corruption. It also tests your management and decision-making skills, making you debate with yourself on where to place ancient pieces and other artifacts. 

Aside from curating museums, you will also get to flex your Sims house-building skills in creating theaters and restaurants. You also have to hire the people that will make up your staff, from conservators to researchers. 

“You have to find a balance between providing a little guidance for visitors and letting them express themselves in a completely open-ended way,” says Mondo Museum designer and programmer Michel McBride-Charpentier. 

How do you know if you’re doing well? One measure is your earnings from ticket sales and gift shop purchases. Another one is prestige, which is what you get from visitor numbers and experiences. 

Here’s the catch: According to Artnet News, the game is “not about replicating the modern museum.” Before you ask, no, art is never purchased in Mondo Museum. All of the artifacts sit where they truly belong, and they can never be obtained through “imperialism or theft.” This is part of the creator’s goal to show how museums should be. 

Mondo Museum is coming to Steam in 2020—a year filled with long weekends. You certainly know what that means. 

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