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Reuniting childhood besties and other cool times Twitter “did its thing”

Reuniting childhood besties and other cool times Twitter “did its thing”

So it would seem, John Green, that sometimes the universe is a wish-granting factory. Or at least the internet can help turn it into one. Just recently, local j3j3 qHu0rl mimiyuuUUhh (Sang it, huh? I see you) even scored an endorsement with fashion label Off White after making a store raid video pitch on her YouTube channel.

But before the advent of YouTube video pitches by local j3j3 qHuorls we had internet wishes fulfilled via our favorite (well, our only) bird app: Twitter. The social media platform where hordes of little eggs tweet away their wishes into the void, chanting haplessly, “Twitter do your thing.” And despite slowly becoming a cesspool of anonymous toxicity (as most of the internet is), sometimes Twitter does do its thing and turns into a platform for some seriously amazing acts of kindness. We list down some of the craziest Twitter wish-fulfillment stories that have graced our exceedingly cynical timelines.

Papaw’s lonely burger lunch turning into a full on cookout event

It all started when one of Papaw’s grandkids posted a photo of him sadly eating one of the burgers he made for his six grandchildren. Five failed to show up. Millions of hearts were broken upon seeing the post, thus starting the iconic Papaw saga.

The viral image of Papaw eating one of the burgers he made for his grandkids

Who can forget Papaw? Certainly not the hordes of Twitter users who volunteered to be adopted as his new grandkids. Or the hordes of actual people who showed up at the #papawcookout event.

Long lost childhood besties reunited after a decade

Twitter user @briannacry posted an old photo of her and a young girl she met one night on a cruise ship. Her request? Help her reunite with her best friend.

Because of the tweet going viral, her bestie found Brianna herself. Which lead to this wholesome moment:

Halsey officially dates Evan Peters six years after tweeting about it

The internet never forgets. When singer-songwriter Halsey posted photos of her date with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, it was a moment for all RPF fangirl writers everywhere. “Evan Peters X me” can now move out of the fanfiction section.

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Marvel gets a leading actor based off of their Twitter mentions

From adoptive grandkids to potential boyfriends, Twitter is truly the gift that keeps on giving even when it comes to career opportunities. Actor Simu Liu is slated to play Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Asian superhero after he, surprise surprise, tweeted about wanting to get the role.

Photo from Twitter account @kelssseyharmon

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