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These shoes are made entirely out of plants

Step aside plastic shoes, there are new kicks on the block—and they’re made out of plants.

Reebok and Native Shoes introduced their sustainable kicks and we’re totally here for this trend of environment-friendly fashion.

Reebok just announced the release of their Forever Floatride GROW shoes, its first plant-based performance running shoes. Instead of  oil-based plastics, the shoes are made of castor bean oil, eucalyptus tree, algae, and natural rubber. 

The new design builds off of the brand’s previous sustainability efforts, namely its Cotton + Corn lifestyle footwear collection

“During the three years we spent developing this product, we heard loud and clear that the idea of a plant-based running shoe resonates strongly with serious runners. But those same runners felt just as emphatically that they would never compromise on performance. The Forever Floatride GROW is the result. Plant-based performance–with no compromise,” said Matt O’Toole, Reebok’s brand president.

Meanwhile, Native Shoes released their unisex sneakers called Plant Shoe. It is made out of eucalyptus, pineapple husk, dried hevea milk, organic cotton, linen, olive oil, cork, and kenaf

The brand made a high-quality and zero-waste design that is vegan and completely biodegradable. Talk about style and innovation.

“The next step beyond our current recycling initiative was to create something that wouldn’t need to be reused or recycled, but instead generate zero waste,” said Native Shoes. “Something that was born from the earth and could go back into it.” 

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