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Heads up, ‘Sex Education’ is renewed for season 3

Heads up, ‘Sex Education’ is renewed for season 3

Just a while ago, we wrote about the best coming-of-age series the current streaming world has to offer—“Sex Education.” And from what we’ve gathered, the Netflix show has everything we need in a top-notch teenage self-discovery story: inclusivity, awkwardness, and a closet full of ’80s clothes. Now, we can expect more of “Sex Education’s” ragtag team, as Netflix has announced the series’ renewal for a third season.

The announcement was made through a video featuring principal Groff leading viewers through Moordale High’s art exhibition. Displayed on the walls are paintings of the high school’s brightest—and most infamous—group of students: Maeve with a stack of books, Otis and his eggplants, Adam and the family dog, and more including Eric, Ola, Lily, Aimee, Jackson and Dr. Jean Milburn.

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And like all teasers, this one leaves us hanging. Ending with a painting of Eric and Adam, principal Groff muses, “I wonder what is in store for these two cherubs. Well, I suppose you will have to find out in season three, won’t you?”

There’s no release date set in stone, but expect season three of “Sex Education” to arrive in your streaming screens sometime around 2021. While that’s still cooking up, why not do another run-through of past episodes? With the reasons we’ve enumerated, the series is worth the binge.

Watch the announcement below:

Still from “Sex Education”


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