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Hear us out: Watches should be your armcandy this holiday season

We all know that December is a month filled with friends, fun, and food but it wouldn’t be complete without that yearly visit of your extended family. Depending on the relationship you have with your relatives, you might have read that last line one of two ways: enthusiastic and reasonably excited or uneasy and worried. I mean let’s face it, family gatherings are sometimes nerve wracking, especially if you have an interest or a hobby that you aren’t ready to share just yet. Though it may be hard to keep it a secret, these watches can help show a sneak peek.


Lowkey Gamer

Video-game fans will find the eye-catching dots on Swatch BIG BOLD watches reminiscent of their favorite pixels. Always wear a BIG BOLD watch on your wrist so you’ll never lose track of your gaming time. This Christmas, choose these models that have a simply striking 47mm watch head. Go big, go bold and go for what makes you, you. 


Artistic Dreams

Art is something that takes time to master. Since perfecting the skill might take a while, let your BAU SWATCH keep you inspired and motivated throughout your journey. Minimalistic, pared down and geometric – the BAU HAUS designs take inspiration from the Bauhaus movement that began 100 years ago, perfectly uniting art and technique. Swatch’s link to Bauhaus comes naturally, combining technical innovation with an artistic and playful approach and making the watches signature pieces as timeless as the most influential art movement of the 20th century. 


Bashful Vlogger

You might be keeping your vlog star dreams hidden, but the funky designs of Swatch KNIGHTLINESS will be sure to appeal to any aspiring vlog star. Next time you might be brave enough to upload that video. 


Free Spirit 

In this age of self-expression, Swatch’s I LOVE YOUR FOLK gives you the freedom to wear your personality on your sleeve with this season’s most popular trends. This collection proudly honors one’s own culture and uniqueness, adding the ultimate touch of folk to the season looks – be it paisley, flowers, lace or patterns! 

Discover the perfect Swatch to celebrate this holiday season by visiting the Swatch Shop nearest you. 

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