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My Chemical Romance just released the first teaser of their latest track

Since My Chemical Romance officially revived emo after announcing their reunion last Dec. 20, 2019, they have finally released what could be their first single since getting back together. Just yesterday their official channel posted a two minute video simply titled, “An Offering.”

The video follows a hooded skull going through the forest in an ominous tracking shot. The dizzying black trees and pentagrams give it a nice Blair Witch Project feel. Watch the full teaser below.

To whom is this offering dedicated to, I wonder. Their loyal fans who simultaneously dropped all of their post-punk personas to paint their nails black again? The demons lurking in the forest? Heather from the Blair Witch Project? Who knows. But given the video already amassed almost 300k views after a single day since posting, it looks like a lot of us will be waiting to find out.

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Still from “An Offering”


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