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AMSS just dropped “Dead” as the first track under indie music label Eclectic Kiss

The alternative pop scene continues to welcome fresh talent with Amss Badawy releasing her debut single under Nick Lazaro’s new label Eclectic Kiss. Earlier this week, Lazaro’s independent music label dropped its first track, “Dead” by Amss.

On Lazaro’s Instagram he shares a bit of backstory behind discovering and producing Amss for her debut track. Here Amss shares, “It was something very new to me, like a whole different scene from what I was used to…It feels surreal and exciting and completely overwhelming to finally get release, with Nick’s help of course.”


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Amss Badawy (@amssbadawy) used to just post videos of herself covering songs with her ukulele. But when Nick listened to her, he heard something more; so much so that he took it upon himself to reach out to her and ask if she’d be willing to collaborate. And that’s when they began working on “Dead”. . “?? ??? ????????? ???? ??? ?? ??, ???? ? ????? ????????? ????? ???? ???? ? ??? ???? ??,” Amss states. “? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ????????, ????? ? ??? ?????????. ??? ? ?????, ??? ?? ???? ??? ????. ?? ????? ??????? ??? ???????? ??? ?????????? ???????????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ????? ????????, ???? ????’? ???? ?? ??????.” . She is described by Nick as someone who knows how to use her voice as a weapon. When to be playful with it, and when to play around it. And as a producer, Nick’s goal is to build a bigger, more intricate sound around her music, while still carefully keeping her persona intact. Listen to Amss’ debut single “Dead” on Spotify today.

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After listening to this promising debut track, we are also on the lookout for what Pikoy will be coming out with under Eclectic Kiss.

Listen to “Dead” below.

Photo from Amss official Instagram @amssbadawy


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