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Yup, ‘Rick and Morty’ is part of the Marvel Universe now

Geeks love a good pop culture crossover. We love inexplicable “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” meets “New Girl” episodes, bizarre phenomenons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fights alongside Batman, and of course, Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” taking part in the vast Marvel Universe.

In the sixth issue of X-Men’s “Dawn of X” reboot “Marauders,” our favorite misunderstood animated show is referenced by Kitty Pryde. “Marauders #6” reveals that “Rick and Morty” is an active show in the Marvel Universe. Yup, your Marvel heroes say wubalubbadubdub just like you.

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The end of the issue shows “Rick and Morty” getting a shoutout from our heroes. In the last pages, there is a chart acting as Yellowjacket’s status report. “What the hell kind of warship is this?” Yellowjacket writes, after observing the Marauder crew’s unusual behavior. “Well, Pyro made himself a couple of Long Island iced teas and now he’s in the yacht’s movie theater watching ‘Rick and Morty.’”

Who else do you think watches “Rick and Morty” in the Marvel Universe? My money is on my chaotic good baby, Hawkeye.

“Marauders” is now for sale at your local comic book store. As for “Rick and Morty” fans, expect season four sometime this year.

Still from “Rick and Morty”


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