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Pride Month comes early with Manila’s Summer Pride Parade

Editor’s note: Manila Pride is not affiliated with Metro Manila Pride. This article has been corrected.

Pride is coming to Manila this 2020. And guess what? It’s happening in April. Beat El Niño with inclusivity and the full-on spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community by going to the very first Manila Summer Pride 2020.

This event is the brainchild of the City of Manila and Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts Manila (DTCAM). No further details on its date and venue were announced. But they did post a call for volunteers to help make this event possible. 

So if you want to make Manila a more inclusive city, you can sign up on DTCAM’s Google Docs form. Sure, pride only lasts a day. But it gives us a shot for everyone to know that the community is strong in numbers. That, and there’s hope for inclusivity and acceptance in a largely conservative nation.

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Manila Summer Pride is a couple of months away. Until then, why don’t you watch Manikween tear it up in the city?

Still from Manikween Invades Manila


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