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The people you meet in Art Fair, according to Hulyen


What is there to say about Art Fair Philippines? Is it an opportunity to immerse yourself in the art world’s zeitgeist? To know who’s who in the Filipino art scene? Or a chance to have a good backdrop for your DP change? The only absolute answer is: It’s a journey. 

Everyone has a different Art Fair journey. It’s fun! Intimidating! Filled with the art world’s mainstays! And no one knows that better than your friendly neighborhood illustrator, Hulyen. For this year’s Art Fair, we sent her to be our fly-on-the-wall and asked her to do a comic about surviving Art Fair while broke.

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We guess the only way a broke twentysomething can survive Art Fair is by participating in some people-watching. With some keen observations (and lowbrow stalking), here are the types of people you meet in one of the biggest art events in the country.

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Art by Hulyen
Cover art by Rogin Losa



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