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Neon sci-fi Lady Gaga achieves intergalactic peace in her “Stupid Love” MV

Hot pink intergalactic warfare embezzled with dance, song and neon sci-fi? Mother monster is back. After years of schooling us on fearless rebellion and unapologetic self-acceptance, Lady Gaga is now possibly on her Kindness Punk era. Today’s much anticipated MV release from Gaga is all about love, “Stupid Love” actually.

The past three years were quite a wait, but Lady Gaga’s latest release is hitting all the loud, technicolor fantasia boxes on our monster’s checklist. If you’re missing her Born This Way era, then Stupid Love is the ideal pop successor to the self-love anthem–except this time, aside from teaching us to love ourselves as we are, she reminds us to love other people who are different.

Intergalactic warrior queen Lady Gaga invented kindness punk for us Earth-dwellers, and who are we to say no to royalty?

Check out the “Stupid Love” MV below.

Photo still from “Stupid Love” MV


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