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Will we figure out Mama’s true favorite in ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ prequel?

“Four Sisters and a Wedding”—a movie that brought us an iconic confrontation scene, Mocha Uson being dragged out a bar, a cast of relatable characters and endless memes. The internet is obviously not done with the Salazar siblings (nor their actors). After all, the much coveted spot of “favorite ni Mama” continues to be an elusive title reserved only for the unproblematic, as deemed fit by the Twitterverse.

The siblings’ dynamic from “Four Sisters” remains to be one of the most relatable (and heartbreakingly believable) depictions of sibling rivalry in pop culture. A lot of the movie relied on those past issues being constantly brought up in order to explain their relationships. Now, we’ll finally get to see those memories as the Four Sisters Cinematic Universe (yep, let’s make it official) will finally get a canonical prequel.

The recently announced “Four Sisters Before The Wedding” follows the Salazar siblings during their teen years. It will star Alexa Ilacad, Charlie Dizon, Gillian Vicencio, and Belle Mariano as Bobby, Teddie, Alex and Gabbie, respectively. It will be directed by the original film’s assistant director, Giselle Andres.

Whether or not you plan on heading to the cinemas for this one, we can all agree that any mention of the film warrants the iconic scene below.

Photo still from “Four Sisters and a Wedding”


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