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How are we doing? This COVID-19 data tracker provides real-time updates

With the COVID-19 pandemic, to say that the world is in bad shape is an understatement. We definitely didn’t sign up for this “Black Mirror” episode.

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Everything’s happening crazy fast, so how do we regularly catch up? In case you haven’t chanced upon this online space yet, there’s an existing data tracker that pools details about COVID-19 cases—with the option of checking local or worldwide.

Nestled on, this set of infographics provides us with real-time updates on the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected with the virus and the number of fatalities. They also report the number of people who’ve already recovered (the Philippines has two as of this writing)—the uplifting news that we also deserve to know. All of these are plotted in a graph indicating the records per day, and the cases are classified according to age group and gender as well.

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Being heavy with statistics, this tracker also reveals the number of Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) and those who’ve been discharged, pending, and tested negative. Aside from charts and graphs, this website also lays out the advisories announced by the Department of Health (DOH).

Hammered with information from the World Health Organization (WHO),, r/Coronavirus_PH subreddit, local and international news and DOH, this tracker aims to present “clear, accurate and timely” of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

Ready to go ✈️ full-fledged Socially Responsible Friend™ and send this to your groupchat? While you’re at it, reco them to subscribe to the PH Coronavirus Updates chat on Telegram and DOH’s Viber group. It’s a weird, sad time to say “take care,” but we’re saying it anyway.

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