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Y2K kids, the OG ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ series is coming to your screens

Stay alive, Y2K anime kids. Your friends might be in for the coolest Netflix party yet because the OG “Yu-Gi-Oh” anime is finally landing on Netflix.

A tweet by @NXonNetflix—the streaming site’s Twitter hub for all things geek—revealed that the first season of “Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters” can finally be accessed on Netflix starting July 8. Can we get our hopes up for the rest of the seasons, too?

Some countries like the US got the chance to binge on the iconic anime for a while, but the show was pulled out of Netflix just last month. While the announcement didn’t indicate a worldwide drop, we’re crossing our fingers for a PH release. Well, who wouldn’t? My deck of cards isn’t in my room just for nothing.

Still from “Yu-Gi-Oh”


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