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Here is a database of free films to cure your cabin fever


There is a lot of time and anxiety to kill during this month-long quarantine. This can be done by starting a new hobby, finishing a pile of neglected books, disseminating COVID-19 information to those in need, and watching films we haven’t seen before. 

There are folks out there sharing Google docs’ film playlists or Twitter threads. Some local film studios even lent a hand and uploaded some of their films for free. Hell, even we have resources for free films available online.

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With these threads and listicles on accessible films, we decided to collate some of them for your convenience. We have a range of free documentaries, Oscar-nominated animated films, and even experimental films at your disposal. 

Here are some free film threads to help you cope from quarantine-induced cabin fever:

Experimental films

Kate Lain did a collaborative Google Doc where everyone can share or watch an experimental film for free. It is categorized by moods, from “laugh and smile” to “cry.” Feel free to share it with an artsy friend you’re worried about. If you’re that artsy friend, it’s time to replenish your repertoire of experimental cinema and share your knowledge too. 

 Art documentaries

To help cope with the lockdown, Twitter user @villainwave made a thread of art docus we can watch online for free. Want to learn about Yoko Ono’s relevance? Or answer why Black Flag is integral to the punk movement? Here is a thread of films to answer most of your burning questions. 

Cinema One Originals 

Thanks to this playlist, you can binge Cinema One favorites like Antoinette Jadaone’s “That Thing Called Tadhana” and Roman Carlo Olivarez’s “UPCAT.” They also have documentaries like “Ganito Kami Muli” and “Himala Ngayon,” gripping dramas “Sa North Diversion Road” and “Confessional,” LGBTQ+ classic “Rome and Juliet” and more.

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TBA Studios 

Sure, we can’t lounge in our favorite microcinemas right now. But we can watch indie films from TBA Studios on Youtube right now. Catch Jerrold Tarrog’s “Bliss,” Mihk Vergara’s “Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo,” Ida Del Mundo’s “K’Na The Dreamweaver,” Emerson Reyes’ “Dormitoryo” and a lot more TBA Studios favorites. 

2020’s Oscar-nominated shorts

Thanks to Cartoon Brew, we can watch films like Pixar’s “Kitbull”, the stop-motion feature Siqi Song’s “Sister,” Tomek Popakul’s “Acid Rain,” and many more. Get inspired by these shorts or just binge-watch the fuck out of them, if you’re tired of your usual Netflix queue. 

Still from “That Thing Called Tadhana” 



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