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Lola Amour releases their cover of Eraserheads’ “Shake Yer Head”

Lola Amour releases their cover of Eraserheads’ “Shake Yer Head”

We saw it comin’ around. Lola Amour took to social to announce the midnight drop of their cover of an Eraserheads classic, “Shake Yer Head.”  Finally, a bit of good news.

Lola Amour’s energetic rendition is a fun headbanger to the original’s laidback drawl. Their upbeat take breathed new life into the dark humor in the lyrics; originally coming off as a weary young adult trying to break away from privilege and toxic expectations, this rendition is a bit more gung ho. 

With just the right amount of spice and a whole lot of upbeat energy, Lola Amour has just revived a rock classic for us new set of weary yuppies. 

Their Instagram caption reads, “Hope we’ll be able to give the song justice!” So pull the spoon out your mouth and check out Lola Amour’s “Shake Yer Head” cover down below.

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Photo from official Lola Amour Instagram



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