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Miss ‘90s instant messaging? Well, someone just revived AIM

If you’ve ever felt burnt out from being exposed to too much social media content in your life, you probably had or are nearing the phase of social media deactivation—sparing only your messaging apps. Even then, the apps are littered with references (also read: temptation) to the social media accounts you turned away from. 

Take the detox one step further with, an instant messaging browser that allows you to relive your AIM and Yahoo Messenger days. Finally, itadakimas_rokz can now finally go “AFK :3” again.

Their web banner reads, “Buddy profiles. Away messages. Animated buddy icons. Instant messenging, just like it used to be.” A tempting offer that, admittedly, had me at “Away messages.” No more misunderstandings with that small green circle that indicates online activity. If I say AFK then it’s DND until I BRB. 

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Just go to their website, launch their app and take a trip down pre-Facebook memory lane. You can even add friends with usernames that scream early 2000’s, littered with numbers, anime names and a pop punk reference. Let’s get it, xO_OtakuBloodAngelcutie_Oxo. 

 As the web credits below state, “Made by Mindsense in social isolation hoping to help make yours a little less lonely and a little more fun.” Time to make 2am YM chats, neon chat fonts and emo lyric statuses a thing again.


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