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Celebrate Japanese Design By Going To The Metropolitan Museum

Your favorite G-shock, your cool tito’s Walkman, the unmistakable Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser, and washi tape: what do these things have in common? They’re all made in Japan. Beautiful with a keen sense of the needs of the user, Japanese design has been so much an influence for the past few decades that we’re not surprised that something within our reach doesn’t have a hint of Japanese design.

So much so, that there’s an exhibit of 100 iconic Japanese products happening right now in the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

Entitled “Japanese Design Today,” the Japan Foundation has been touring this exhibit for the past ten years ever since 2004.  The exhibit lists down 100 everyday products that serve as the finest examples of Japanese design for 100 years.

The products are neatly set on tables or propped on the floor depending on the size of the products. You may even find a copy of an item you have now, just like our Nikon.


The exhibit has been available to the public since June 30, but for those interested, the exhibit will be open until August 19.





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