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Jackson Wang’s MV for “100 Ways” give TikTok #handgestures a run for their money

Singer-producer and GOT7 member Jackson Wang just released his MV for “100 Ways” and, inadvertently, the next TikTok dance challenge. The Chinese-Western cultural influence of his latest track, as mentioned in his interview with Billboard, is visible in the electronic pop beats, dramaticized historical setting and entrancing hand-tutting choreography. 

The visuals for this MV have the idol-quality staples: well-planned cinematography and blocking, slick choreography and an insanely danceable hook. Starting out with a full-on forest ritual in front of an unmarked grave, it feels a bit like an old fable peppered with snappy summon-tutting and a tragic romance. 

It ends on a bittersweet note, with Jackson finally finding his lady love—only for the two of them to return to the underworld together. Slowly, they sink underneath the smoke and dirt in a tight embrace with Jackson singing, “I’m the only one that you need.” 

Aside from the MV’s narrative, a big standout is the tutting hand gestures making up the choreography for the song’s chorus. Already, fans on Twitter have begun making short covers and starting dance challenges for the memorable hand play. Looks like TikTok #handgestures will need to keep up or include the mesmerizing summon-tutting in their trend list.

Watch the full MV of “100 Ways” below.

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Photo from “100 Ways” Official Music Video


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