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The 1975 is making a happy supercut of their fans’ lives

Last Mar. 29, The 1975 posted plans for a new video—and they want you to star in it. 

The world isn’t really in a good place right now. You know it, we know it and The 1975 most definitely know it. So to combat this community loneliness, their new project is compiling happy moments of their fans’ lives. 

The UK-based band described what life moments they’re looking for. Interested fans can send a random anecdote on a recent experience or moments that make you proud or laugh. It’s simple as that. 

Fans can send these videos to the email indicated in their post. As for the band’s plans for what they’ll use these videos for, it is still unclear whether it’s for a music video or just a wholesome community project they’re cooking up. 

Want to shoot your shot? Check out the band’s deets below and get a chance to (virtually) meet Matty Healy and the gang. 

Still from The 1975’s “Sincerity is Scary


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