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‘Totally Spies’ is now totally free to stream online

Who can forget everyone’s fave childhood spy show “Totally Spies”? 

Childhood gender binary aside, this show was everything. It’s “Charlie’s Angels” for children, it gave us Y2K fashion, a glimpse of high school life and action on action on action and we’re given well-rounded heroines like Alex, Sam and Clover. 

A lot of us are getting nostalgic for the early noughts. So while we’re all stuck at home, the creators of this iconic show did us a solid and gave us all the episodes for free.

The official “Totally Spies” YouTube channel is filled with all 156 episodes. From all six seasons to the movie itself, you can now take fashion inspo or reminisce about your grade school life while the show plays in the background. They also have supercuts and behind the scenes videos.

Give your paid streaming service a break and head down to the “Totally Spies” YouTube channel. Your six-year-old self will thank you.

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Still from “Totally Spies”


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