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We made a TikTok account to find our purpose in life

We made a TikTok account to find our purpose in life

Remember when we said we’d never make a TikTok account? (We think we even tweeted it once, we just can’t find it now for some reason.)

Now, you’re probably wondering what made us jump into this rabbit hole. Well, speaking like a kid with newfound interests: peer pressure and curiosity. That’s the first part, at least. 

After swimming our way through the site of budget skits, imperfect dances and totally random shit, we realized that maybe—just maybe—this could also be our coping mechanism in quarantine. After all, it has the right amount of spaced out, substantial and unhinged content we’re craving right now. Sort of. (Read: How not to panic in an existential crisis.)

So, who are you spotting on our videos? Maybe it’s that mutual of your mutual of your mutual friend you met at this party, a full-time fanboy or your equally distressed officemate. Possible sources: socio-political issues, the wack side of internet culture or just any impending 2020 bullshit (*knocks on wood*). Whoever you meet, just remember that those came from the imperfect shelves of our heads. So it’s all good. 

Here are the first videos we dropped last week, in case we haven’t blessed your TLs yet:

Art by Jan Cardasto


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