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You can now cook McNuggets and other chicken faves at home

You can now cook McNuggets and other chicken faves at home

UPDATE, Apr. 16: Because of the high volume of orders and inquiries, McDonald’s took down the original post and announced that it will be restocking its inventories with more cook-it-yourself packs on Sunday, Apr. 19, so you can enjoy your homecooked McDo faves soon.


Craving for some nuggets? McDonald’s joins the fast-food bandwagon as they drop their own ready-to-cook packs of your chicken faves.

Starting Apr. 15, you can get their signature chicken nuggets plus marinated chicken cuts (in original and spicy flavors) in cook-it-yourself packs from select McDonald’s branches. Good news: You can get as many as 50 nuggets or 10 chicken cuts per pack. Bad news: Well, the BBQ sauce isn’t included.

McDonald’s also shared cooking guidelines, but feel free to get creative. Here’s a side recipe from them on chicken breading: flour, salt,  pepper, garlic powder and onion powder or cayenne for a bit of spice. 

The frozen food packs are available for take-out and drive-thru only until supplies last, so make sure to check out their list of open stores first before you head out. 

While you’re at it, maybe you can try this Sausage McMuffin with Egg recipe from McDonald’s UK if you’re more of a breakfast kind of person.



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