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1,000 episodes of ‘One Piece’ not enough? Here’s a new movie

1,000 episodes of ‘One Piece’ not enough? Here’s a new movie

Welcome to the anime world, here’s one rule to get you by: There is no such thing as an oversaturation of “One Piece.” After 22 years, 20 seasons, and 1,000 episodes, the long-running anime is treating fans to more content: a new movie.

Japanese studio Toei Animation has released the teaser trailer for “One Piece Film: Red,” a project by “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda himself. The film is directed by Goro Taniguchi, who, according to Oda, was the first person to animate the anime’s protagonist Luffy.

The 30-second teaser peeks at an unknown female character, as the narrator asks: “Will her voice bring forth eternal happiness or endless imprisonment?” In a message to fans about the film, Oda had previously talked about his desire to create a new female character. 

The short preview caps off with a still image of Shanks a.k.a “Red Hair,” the captain of the Red Hair Pirates. For those who know their “One Piece” history, Shanks gave a young Luffy his now-famous straw hat, inspiring him to become a pirate. The rest of the series sees Luffy set off into the seas to find the “one piece,” treasure that would solidify his place as King of the Pirates.

Safe to say, Shanks is a pretty important guy to kick off a show worth 1,000 episodes. Check out the teaser below.

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