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Kith launches collection reimagining Sailor Moon characters in modern streetwear

Kith launches collection reimagining Sailor Moon characters in modern streetwear

We’ve seen the SketchersXSailor Moon bowed sneakers and the ColourPopXSailor Moon custom makeup casing, but this time around it’s the sailor guardians who will be wearing new fits. New York-based clothing line Kith is releasing a Sailor Moon collab that features our favorite anime girl gang in their own streetwear line.

So far all we have to go on is a single teaser image, but if the caption is anything to go by we’re hoping to see more soon. The illustration features the girls with modern outfits tailored to their personalities from the classic series. 

First off, we have Sailor Jupiter maintaining her sporty gungho vibe in a dark green varsity jacket, cargo shorts and platform sneakers. Meanwhile, Sailor Mars is a modern day baddie in a fitted long sleeve crop top, velvet jeans and high heel boots. They look just about ready to beat a person up, which is the kind of look we’d expect on our DPS queens.

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On the other flank, Sailor Mercury retains her cute but ready-to-fuck-you-up aura in a fitted athleisure mini-dress, loose socks and white kicks. Next to her is casual cool girl Sailor Venus in a cropped hoodie and dark jeans. As expected, they look like they can finesse verbal and physical beatdowns. We stan our strategists turned modern day style inspos. 

Finally, leading the pack is Sailor Moon in a pink blazer, sports shorts and sneakers looking every bit the gang leader she is. Because if Usagi doesn’t throw hands at everyone, is she even Usagi?

This is the only image so far, but we’re hoping to see other reimagined graphics that get a bit more creative with their poses and outfits. Seeing the pretty sailor guardians as a modern day girl gang walking the streets of New York is a strangely empowering image that we can get behind.


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