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Watch Joji hijack a rocketship in his new ‘Gimme Love’ MV


Leave it to Joji to create mysterious music videos about being an astronaut.

The 88rising musician released visuals for his new single “Gimme Love” this afternoon. The video is divided into two, with the first half a whirlwind montage of Joji becoming an accomplished rocket scientist—but not without disasters. The second half shows him hijacking a rocketship and flying off on his own.

The single starts off upbeat, as the singer pleads: “Gimme, gimme love / When I’m gone.” Halfway through, it shifts into Joji’s now-signature tempo change to a much slower and melancholy sound. “Look into your heart and let me know / Do things turn black and grey as they go?” he sings, as he blasts off into space alone. Kind of reminiscent of his previous video “Sanctuary,” don’t you think?

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Fans are now speculating that “Gimme Love,” “Sanctuary” and “Run” are all connected, but there is no confirmation from Joji as of now. What we do know now is that according to 88rising, his album is named “Nectar,” and it will be coming out Jul. 10.

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So, who else will be streaming “Gimme Love” on repeat and dreaming about visiting the moon?

Watch “Gimme Love” here:

Still from “Gimme Love” by Joji



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