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Someone Zoombombed Mayor Vico’s forum with an NSFW background

A snippet of Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto’s Zoom forum went viral last night. During the mayor’s Zoom conference with the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) last Apr. 22, Sotto struggled to stifle laughter when someone zoombombed him. 

The reason behind the laughing fits? A correspondent’s thirst trap Zoom background—very NSFW. 

In the forum with the FOCAP, journalists asked Sotto how local government units (LGUs) have been handling the COVID-19 crisis. The forum was suddenly interrupted when the Zoom software showed a user with a risque backdrop. As it focused on the user, everyone watching the Facebook Live saw a muscular naked zaddy with a clipboard tastefully covering his junk.

Allegedly, the user forgot to change their background for this Zoom call. Whoops.

Everyone saw the mayor stunned. Before he was interrupted, Sotto was trying to explain the Pasig LGU’s opinion on a city-wide total lockdown. His face possibly went through three stages of grief under five seconds before returning to his train of thought. Although he chuckled for a bit, he handled the zoombombing professionally and moved on. 

In all seriousness, Mayor Sotto has been handling this pandemic well. He aided his constituents as well as handled last month’s NBI situation with professionalism intact. Although we’re not huge fans of lionizing the mayor (since he’s only doing his job), it’s hard not to admire a person in power with seemingly good intentions. 

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“He shouldn’t be treated like a celebrity, his every action taken like a pleasant surprise. But our drought in good governance has pushed us to react happily to his initiatives,“ writes our content creator, Jelou Galang, in her article. “We’ve been living in a hole for quite a long time now, that a teensy bit of sunshine is naturally enough to make us jump for joy. We forgot what we deserve from public officials.”

This crazy-ass pandemic has been something. Right now, we need these moments to make it at very least bearable. And to that person with the NSFW background—don’t die of embarrassment, you’re kind of a legend right now. 

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