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This AI meme generator is based on the internet’s dank humor

Let’s face it: Content is scarce these days. What else is there to laugh about now except our own pathetic existence? Well, don’t fret—this sophisticated AI software wants to bring a confused smile back to your face again.

AI Memes is a free service created by Imgflip that creates memes on the fly. It uses all the crowd favorites like Woman Screaming at Cat, Grandma Reading a Laptop, and an array of Spongebob meme templates, to mention a few. The text is generated by an AI that has studied a plethora of dumb internet jokes—quarantine content included. 

Users have the option of entering a word to influence the text, but AI Memes will still be in charge of the final outcome. Sometimes it’s crap, other times its pure genius. Think of it as a meme Kinder egg, if you will.

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To demonstrate the power of this AI, here are some we’ve generated for your laughing pleasure. All hail technology.

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