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Doja Cat doesn’t know who Timothée Chalamet is—yes, they exist


There are two types of people: Those who know the A-list Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet and those who don’t. That’s also known as the rest of the world and Doja Cat. No one’s doing it like her.

The rapper revealed in an Instagram Live session that she doesn’t know who the “Call Me By Your Name” star is. “Timothee-ey?” she says, trying to properly pronounce Chalamet’s name. “I don’t know who that is.” We’ve all been there.

Of course, Doja’s a giant star in her own right. After bagging a historic chart-topper yesterday with the first number one Billboard Hot 100 single that’s a remix, best believe that she’s a busy queen. It’s like the Mariah effect. Cue the “I don’t know her” line.

Photo from Doja Cat’s Instagram

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