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‘Say So’ ft. Mellow Fellow, Phum Viphurit and boy pablo is our (nonexistent) summer banger


What do you get when you mix Doja Cat with Mellow Fellow, Phum Viphurit and boy pablo? Apparently, an addition to your playlists.

While the Nicki Minaj remix is making waves on charts and writing the peace treaties of our times, Anthony Arce (@early_boi_2018) uploaded this fresh take of “Say So” into the selection of Doja Cat tracks. Just like the original hit, the remix is a steamy piece worth a groove, filled with ’70s nostalgic energy amped up by Mellow Fellow’s slow tune, “Dancing.”

And like the “Endgame” crossover of indie singer-songwriters, the remix takes on the hazy, dreamlike quality with two more songs in the picture, namely Phum Viphurit’s “Lover Boy” and boy pablo’s “Ready/Problems.” Yep, it’s official: I have a new backdrop for my late-night thoughts.

Listen to the full track below:

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