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‘The Grudge’ monster’s origin story is now a TV show


What’s scarier than 2020? Fictional worlds amping it up, of course. With the upcoming series “Ju-On: Origins,” “The Grudge” universe is returning to fuel your nightmares even further.

Back in January, Sam Raimi’s theatrical “The Grudge” remake reopened the supernatural horror universe to both old and new viewers. “Origins” is set to reawaken terrors once more, as the latest chapter in “The Grudge” ’verse. The Netflix series will center on paranormal investigator Odajima and TV star Haruka Honjo, who hears ominous footsteps echoing in her apartment. And just like any good horror, the pair finds themselves drawn to a cursed house—the setting of this fright-filled tale.

According to reports, “Ju-On: Origins” is set to debut on the streaming platform this Jul. 3. Get a headstart on the creepy terrors by watching the trailer below:

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Still from “Ju-On: Origins”



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