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‘The Bikini Bottom Horror’ is the creepypasta that’ll kill your childhood

Are you over the many, many creepypastas surrounding “SpongeBob Squarepants”? If you’re out on the hunt for more nightmare fuel featuring SpongeBob and friends, look no further than the internet’s favorite source, Reddit. Fan comic “The Bikini Bottom Horror” can last you a few good nights.

Created by Reddit user u/stillinthesimulation, “The Bikini Bottom Horror” webcomic started as a one-shot featuring Patrick Star killing SpongeBob, as the starfish shows his best friend how sea stars feed. “Our stomachs extend out of our bodies, penetrating our prey and injecting them with enzymes,” an unhinged Patrick says, right before SpongeBob finds his doom. “So they may be digested externally.”

What was supposed to be a one-off thing became Reddit’s comic to watch out for every week, with season three still in progress. While SpongeBob is technically not in the picture, his friends are out to avenge his death via starfish by gearing up “Rambo”-style, featuring a gun-wielding Sandy Cheeks and a handsome but rugged Squidward (if he took like, a lot of protein).

No spoilers here, but you can expect Patrick’s clones rampaging Bikini Bottom in ways that Plankton can’t even plan as well as the secret ingredient to the Krabby Patty. The comic has a whole subreddit dedicated to it (r/TheBikiniBottomHorror), and new issues are uploaded every Saturday. Saturday morning cartoons? No, this is Patrick.

Read the first two seasons below:

The Bikini Bottom Horror: Complete Seasons 1&2

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Photo from “The Bikini Bottom Horror” by stillinthesimulation


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