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Fun fact: Doja Cat’s favorite jam is ((( O )))’s music

Fun fact: Doja Cat’s favorite jam is ((( O )))’s music

Queens support queens, just like how Doja Cat supports ((( O ))) f.k.a. June Marieezy. In an Instagram Live session yesterday, the rapper waxed poetic about the Filipina musician. 

“Listen to “Vibin’ Out [with ((( O )))]” by vagina hole, that shit is one of the best songs on the planet,” says Doja to her viewers. “Sometimes you only like one song by an artist, but she has hitters.”

Doja likes the song so much, she admitted that it moves her to tears. She also reiterates that the artist’s name looks like genitalia. “Her name looks like a vagina, but when I heard this song, I fucking cried.”

She then plays the track for her viewers while she lip-syncs along like a true fan. We feel you, Doja.

((( O ))) reposted the clip on Twitter, captioning it: “vagina hole, periodt,” and tagging Doja Cat. Is that what we officially call her now?

Late last year, ((( O ))) launched her debut album ((( 1 ))) in a multi-sensory event, where each track—called moondrops—had a dedicated listening gallery with a local flower and a scent. She has since committed to releasing a moondrop come every full moon, so if you want to know when her next drop is, consult your lunar calendars.

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