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There’s a new Makoto Shinkai film in the works

There’s a new Makoto Shinkai film in the works

Are you ready to shed more tears over a Makoto Shinkai film? We can save the angst for later, because the “Weathering with You” filmmaker has news for you—there’s a new project in the works, but it might take a while for it to see the light of day.

Just like all artists, Shinkai isn’t exempted from a case of writer’s block. Back in Mar. 31, the filmmaker tweeted that he has been writing every day, even if the project’s a little uncertain.

“I’ve been writing the screenplay for my new film for the past two months, and every day I don’t know what to think about now, what to say, or what we want to see in a few years. But I still write anyway,” reads a translation from Crunchyroll.

Recently, Shinkai revealed that his next film has been stuck in writing limbo for some time. “I’m gradually assembling my new work while following the pace of the production of ‘Weathering with You’ three years ago,” he writes on Twitter, where he attached a photo of the new project and “Weathering with You’s” production memos. “I don’t have the brainpower to imagine the story, the characters and the visuals all at once, so I’ve been working on it for months and months, trying to build it up and break it down again. It’s already early summer…”

We know the feeling, Makoto. In the meantime, we have these tearjerkers to lean on.

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