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Help Lumad schools, stream this Cinemalaya student heist film

We all have a “WTF?” kind of high school story. Whether it’s sporting a bad ’do or CTRL + ESC-ing from a forbidden website (before the computer teacher catches you), we probably all have an anecdote hidden inside us, only to be shared when the situation calls for it.

For the Cinemalaya audience last year, if there’s one film that definitely hit home it’s Julius Renomeron Jr.’s short film “Heist School.” The movie follows a ragtag group of students trying to steal from the faculty room—an act of saving both grades and friendship. And in case you missed it, the 2019 Audience Choice film is streaming it for free.

A post from Concerned Artists of the Philippines reveals that we can now watch “Heist School” on Vimeo anytime. “We wanted to make a film that reflects how the pressures of society experienced by adolescents shape their moral compass and how their harsh environments contribute in their life decisions,” Renomeron Jr. says on the Cinemalaya page.

This is also part of the relief drive for Lumad Bakwit Schools, which are battling the horrors of the pandemic. According to CAP, they aim to fund food and medical supplies for displaced Lumad students. Other films in the lineup are “Nanay Mameng,” “Tembong” and more.

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Still from “Heist School” (2019)


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