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Far Cry 5 is free to play on your PC this weekend

Far Cry 5 is free to play on your PC this weekend

Hey gamers, here’s a little something to make your weekend sweeter: Far Cry 5 is free to play this weekend on PC.

Ubisoft is giving everyone full access to the 2018 first-person shooter game for one weekend only. From May 29 to 31, you can pre-load and play the full game for 72 hours. 

If you want to continue playing beyond that, the game’s Standard and Gold versions will be available to purchase for 75 percent off. Bonus: You can continue your progress from the free play weekend if you purchase the game afterward.

For the uninitiated, Far Cry 5 is set in the fictional town of Hope County, which has been taken over by a doomsday cult called the Project at Eden’s Gate. The bad guy comes in the form of deranged preacher Joseph Seed who believes that he is God’s chosen one who will save humanity from “The Collapse,” a.k.a. the apocalypse.

Players will control a junior deputy sheriff who teams up with a resistance organization to break free from the clutches of Seed’s cult. It’s a gory game of survival—and might just be the game for you to release some quarantine tension.

You can pre-load the game at Ubisoft’s custom Far Cry 5 site. If you aren’t convinced yet, check out Far Cry 5’s trailer below to whet your appetite.

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