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Putahe ng Ina Mo’s gameplay is all about cooking sinigang

We’re all kids of Diner Dash and Cooking Mama around here. All these cute, stress-relieving (or stress-inducing) games get us going when the times are tough. But where is the Filipino aspect in these games? Where are nanay’s dishes that we grew up loving?

Sadly, they’re not in any Western games we love. But they are in Putahe ng Ina Mo: Sinigang Edition—a flash game all about cooking the perfect sinigang.

Sinigang is the sour, savory stew our household knows by heart. In this prototype game by Chickon Club, we get to make our own virtual sinigang. That should be easy, right? Well, in theory it is—but it won’t be if you never cooked the dish in your life.

“Missing your nanay’s home-cooked meal? Live stream and make handa the perfect bowl of sinigang with this bite-sized cooking experience,” reads the game’s description. “All the ingredients are prepped in the counter, and there’s a magically set up livestream camera. Easy? Think again! We’re not telling you how to do it.”

The game has less than one minute per game session. So yeah, you have to nail cooking sinigang without your mommy holding your hand. The heat in the virtual kitchen is on and it burns real bad.

Putahe ng Ina Mo is in its beta stages for now. But if you’re down to try it out, it’s free to play and it only costs P50 to download.

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