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Know if your ‘Avatar’ nation is pro-gay rights in this graphic novel

It’s Pride Month—and we have a treat for queer “Avatar” fans. Whatever your opinions on “Avatar: The Legend of Korra,” it still gave us a progressive, pro-bisexuality ending we didn’t know we needed. They even explored this further in the graphic novel “The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars.”

Part one is about Korra and Asami coming out. Although Korra’s parents are supportive, her father warns her against coming out publicly. Which is why Korra and Asami ask for Kya (Aang’s daughter) for advice.

As she gave them her two cents, we learn more about the nation’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

Kya tells the couple how their relationship reminds her of her old girlfriend. In the “Avatar” universe; The Air Nomads didn’t hide who they loved, while The Water Tribe’s culture prefers it to keep the LGBTQ+ community’s sexuality to themselves. The Fire Nation is an accepting community until Fire Lord Ozin made same-sex relationships illegal. As for the Earth Kingdom, they were militaristically oppressive—even when their own Avatar Kyoshi was bisexual herself.

“Turf Wars” picks up after “The Legend of Korra’s” ending, with Asami kissing Korra during their vacation. It’s all about Korrasami dealing with the elements going against them. OG “Avatar” fans probably know this, but to new folks in the fandom—this graphic novel is a must-read.

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