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Sorry queer kids, science says you’re more likely to get migraines

Sorry queer kids, science says you’re more likely to get migraines

Good morning to queer people and queer people only, here’s a reality check straight from science: Did you know that you’re more likely to get migraines? Go ahead, throw those “pretends to be shocked” GIFs our way.

According to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology—which surveyed over 10,000 participants in the US—lesbian, gay and bisexual people experience severe headaches 58 percent more than straights. In fact, one in six adults experience migraines in their lifetimes, but figures for LGB folks are comparatively higher, with one in three getting them on the regular.

Is this because of the LGBTQ+ oppression that seems so ingrained in our society? Well, yeah, probably. Study author Dr. Janor Nagata, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of San Francisco, says that stress and discrimination could be factors in this literal pain in the head.

“There might be a higher rate of migraines in LGB people because of discrimination, stigma or prejudice, which may lead to stress and trigger a migraine,” Nagata explains to Reuters. “Physicians should be aware that migraines are quite common in LGB individuals and assess for migraine symptoms.” Aside from that, Nagata also cited the less than ideal healthcare available to LGB folks.

While this study was done in the US, Filipinos are still susceptible to this bane of existence. An estimated 12 million people in the country suffer from migraines, with women having more reported cases than men. The same case goes for other parts of the world, as 85 percent of Americans who suffer from migraines are women. Other than that, Reuters also reports that migraines are more common in Black people and those in lower socioeconomic status. 

Captain Obvious’s conclusion? Oppression ain’t good for the head. Next, please.

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