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Edgy white teens continue being irrelevant with #GeorgeFloydChallenge


Trigger warning: Physical violence and racism

Meet the #GeorgeFloydChallenge: edgy white teens’ attempt on clout chasing while racial injustice persists. Named after the 46-year-old man killed by a white police officer, the challenge’s mechanics is simple, a person kneels on their friend’s neck for a period of time.

Is this the most pathetic attempt at clout chasing we’ve seen? Probably. 

Participants of this challenge are mostly white males trying to be internet famous. They’re seen smiling in photos as they kneel down on their friend’s neck. It’s a sick, twisted parody of a black man getting killed by the police once again. 

“Screenshots of a number of posts re-creating the video of Floyd’s death have since been shared on Twitter, drawing condemnation and disgust from thousands online,” writes The Daily Mail. One teenager from Missouri State University even goes as far as saying, “If we kept them as slaves, this will never happen.”


According to Business Insider’s report, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram has banned the hashtag. The hashtag still exists on TikTok with the top post criticizing the racist trend. However, some collages of the challenge can be still viewed via Instagram through various tags like #georgefloydchallengeisdisgusting.

So far, three participants of this challenge have been arrested; two teenagers from Northern England and a 26-year-old man from Fife, Scotland. The two teenagers were charged with committing a hate crime, causing anxiety and stress to the public. It is, indeed, what they deserved. 

If you want to chase clout so much, use it to speak out against injustices. Donate through the proper channels. Educate others with the clownery that’s happening around us. Stop others from spreading insensitive content like this.

You’re that bored? Do something with the time and privilege that you obviously have.

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