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Now that BGYO’s 2×2 photos are trending, it’s high time you check out their music


Ever since BGYO debuted in 2021, we’ve witnessed how success has drizzled into their musical journey. Apart from giving us poetic tracks and energetic moves, being awarded Outstanding Boy Group of the Year,  starring in a science fiction music video with Liza (now Hope) Soberano, and becoming the voice of “He’s Into Her’s” theme song,  BGYO is one of the rising P-pop groups internationally.

Achievement after achievement, the Aces of Pop are now off to their second year in their music career.

Just in time for this celebration, one photo of a BGYO member unexpectedly resurfaced, driving fans into a craze—Gelo’s 2×2 ID picture.

In the tweet, Gelo’s 2×2 ID picture is paired with a raw and blunt reaction: ​​“This is #BGYO Gelo, right? T*ng*n*ng mukha ‘yan saan nakakabili ng 2×2 pic na ganito? (What kind of face is that? Where can I buy his 2×2 photo?).”

The admiration tweet has now amassed 1.8 million views. But of course, the trend wouldn’t be complete without pictures of the whole gang. In response to everyone’s enthusiasm and curiosity, BGYO’s record label replied to the main tweet with 2×2 pictures of the rest of the members from their “school boy era.”

In an interview with the boys, BGYO’s Gelo explained that it was originally meant for their US visa requirements. “Para sa US visa talaga ang mga picture na ‘yan. And nalaman na lang namin nung marami nang nag-ta-tag sa amin at tsaka kahit ‘yung nanay ko [sabi], ‘Uy Gelo, BGYO trending, ganyan.’ So nakakatuwa dahil sa simpleng ganyan, maraming naka-appreciate,” he said.

(“Those pictures were actually for our US visa requirements. It only came to our attention when many people tagged us. Even my mother [said], ‘Hey Gelo, BGYO is trending.’ So it’s very heartwarming because in that simple way, many people appreciate it.”)

“Sobrang unexpected na kakagatin ng tao 2×2 picture namin,” (“It was so unexpected that our 2×2 pictures will trend.”) Akira added. The rest of the BGYO members then expressed their gratitude over the trend. 

Now that those 2×2 pictures got everyone’s attention, this is your sign to check out their magnetizing tracks. My personal recommendations would be “Extraordinary,” “Game On,” and “Be Us” (a.k.a. BGYO’s EP of the same name) featuring Filipino-British musician Mooph.

What’s the BGYO song you’d recommend to a friend? Tweet us at @scoutmagph.

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