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‘Jazz in Love,’ the perfect LDR docu for Pride Month, is available online

‘Jazz in Love,’ the perfect LDR docu for Pride Month, is available online

While we can’t raise our rainbow flags outside, we’re keeping Pride month’s energy indoors. After iWant’s lineup of LGBTQ+ films and “Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita” come another addition to our rainbow watchlist. In case you overlooked it, “Sunday Beauty Queen” director Baby Ruth Villarama made her LGBTQ+ documentary available online.

A post by Directors’ Guild of the Philippines reveals 2013 documentary film “Jazz in Love” is now free for streaming on YouTube. This Gawad Urian-nominated docu tells the story of Jazz, a young Davaoeño man whose wedding with his LDR German boyfriend is within reach—only if he flies to Germany, though. As our current laws don’t nod to his dreams, he has to make radical life changes, like moving to Manila for German language lessons. Apart from this, his parents are completely unaware of his plans and much more his sexuality.

Coming out is a serious matter for LGBTQ+ folks, and it’s never cool to out someone. It means different things and it’s done in different ways (some even do it on national television). “Jazz In Love” not only shows us how important this is. It also dissects the hardships of your local LGBTQ+ kid, who just wants to love like all of us.

Watch “Jazz in Love” here:

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