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5 mainstream films to watch when capitalism is tiring you out


Ah, the rich: entitled, vain and butthurt when called out. It’s hard dealing with them on a daily basis. With their “why don’t you motherfuckers stay at home” attitude, they are the bane of the working class’s existence. Jonathan Swift’s essay hits hard sometimes when he said we should metaphorically eat the rich. Sometimes, the “bring out the guillotine” jokes are way too appropriate right now with the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk flooding our feeds with their clownery every damn day. 

Unfortunately, we can’t eat them nor guillotine them. The best alternative is to fight the system when you can. That, and watch some relatable movies to get that cathartic rage out of you.

Here are some films from your homies at SCOUT when the “eat the rich” vibes are hitting you hard. Enjoy ’em and remember—entitlement isn’t cute. At all. Periodt.

“Us” (2019) dir. by Jordan Peele

In Peele’s sophomore film, we follow the Wilsons on their quest for survival as America’s clones slowly come out of the shadows. It’s a horror movie and a gripping exploration of what America has become: a land of opportunities exclusive to the privileged.

“The Platform” (2019) dir. by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia


This Spanish psychological horror film is a closer look at a fucked up experimental prison system. Inside this vertical prison, inmates are assigned to a level every few months or so. The levels’ purpose is to ration food from a platform moving in between floors. Some floors get plenty of food, while others get literal scraps or nothing at all. It’s a metaphor for our class system gone bloody and morally bankrupt (as if it already isn’t).

“Knives Out” (2019) dir. by Rian Johnson


Crime novelist Harlan Thrombey died a mysterious death, leaving his money-hungry family of vultures waiting for his last will and testament. The Thrombeys are vain, entitled and mysterious. But the last of the gentleman sleuths Detective Benoit Blanc knows that this dysfunctional family is behind his death. Now, Blanc with the family nurse (and resident Watson) Marta Cabrera must figure out what this family of rich assholes is hiding.

“Ready Or Not” (2019) dir. by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

Grace marries into the man of her dreams. He’s a looker, has money and is someone you want to bring home to your parents. Too bad she failed to read the fine print: his family is fucked up. When midnight hits after her wedding, she’s now forced into a twisted game of hide and seek with her groom’s family. This game is filled with blood, guns, knives and rich debauchery.

“Mayhem” (2017) dir. by Joe Lynch

Derek Cho’s bad day consists of two things: being unjustly fired and getting stuck in his law firm after a mysterious virus plagues the building. The victims of this disease start acting out on their wildest impulses. With his former client who has rage issues of her own, he fights to get to the executives at the top floor to settle this once and for all.

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