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The kinds of people you meet at night


There are two types of people in this world: the ones who thrive when the sun rises and the ones who find relief when the sun goes down. No, this isn’t a spiel on vampires. It’s more about the night owls out there.

When people think of night owls, their brain weaves images of people drowning in booze and dancing ’til the a.m. These scenarios just make up 25% of what the night means for everyone. For most, the night is for recharging after a long day. The night could be reserved for a much “me time” date waiting to happen.

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In OPPO’s #SeizeTheNight party last Saturday, we roamed around and asked: What’s your night mode? It’s clear that the after hours are different for everyone. Whether it’s grooving out or refusing to skip skin care, you can bet they seized the night in their own terms.

BGC’s Early Night? was filled with young creatives and creators. Using the OPPO R17, they seized the night however they want to. They snapped the hours away and captured memories frame by frame.

R17’s the perfect phone on capturing fragments of an unforgettable night. With its photosensitive units and picture-perfect focus, any late night IG Story threads will be worth highlighting the morning after.

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Worried about your phone dying just when the night’s going great? Don’t worry your pre-hungover head about it with this phone on your side. It’s flash charging feature will get the R17 juiced up to 40% in just 10 minutes. The night is not the moment for missed opportunities. And this phone gets it like no other.

Better remember this one, night owls: your night mode is what you make it. The most important part is its seized your way. So when the sun rises, looking back will be with no regrets. No matter if its an alcohol fulled night or some late night yoga session well spent.

Photos and videos were taken with the OPPO R17 Pro, available in all OPPO stores and select authorized
resellers nationwide for P38,990.00 (SRP). For more information on OPPO’s latest products and services, like and follow @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.



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