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This highlighter is for sleep-deprived students who still wanna look bomb

This highlighter is for sleep-deprived students who still wanna look bomb

Ah, finals week: The collegiate experience in its rawest form, when students are empty husks of human beings, occasionally filled with liters worth of coffee pots and a jumble of textbook information. When it’s 8 a.m. and you’re late for your first test, chances are, your eyes are bloodshot and in bad shape. But worry no more—Sephora and Stabilo’s latest brainchild is here to save some face.

As part of the Sephora Collection, Stabilo collaborated with the popular French makeup chain to create the all-nighter’s post-exam fever dream. The felt eyeliner captures the likeness of every student’s staple highlighter, available in shades of Ink Splash (black), Back to School (gray), Summer Holiday (blue) and Chocolate Break (yes, that’s brown).


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You can alternate between fine lines with precision or thicker lines with its wide beveled edge. As of writing, there are 34 reviews on the site, with an average of four stars. Buyers are raving about its long-lasting formula, although expect some intensely pigmented colors (Hint: You probably shouldn’t use this for your notes.)

The felt eyeliner is priced at 15 Singaporean dollars, which is approximately P538. While Sephora has a site in the Philippines, the Stabilo collab has yet to appear on its pages—our fingers are definitely crossed for the future, though.

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