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Us theater peasants finally get a glimpse of ‘Hamilton’ in this new trailer


Alexander Hamilton, we are waiting in the wings for you. You could never back down. You never learned to take your time—except when giving us this sweet ass trailer for the filmed version of your musical. 

Of course, “Hamilton” tickets are hard to get. It doesn’t help that we only rely on bootleg copies to get by. But, the long wait ends today with Disney+ dropping the trailer for the Broadway musical.

It highlights two tracks from the musical, “Alexander Hamilton” and “Satisfied.” The one-minute trailer gives viewers a glimpse of its intricate set design, powerful ensemble and its grueling yet well-crafted choreography. We didn’t get to see it in its Broadway glory, but this filmed version in 4K quality is better than the bootlegs we see online.

For non-Hamilfans out there, this musical is based on the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton featuring a soundtrack that blends hip-hop, jazz, Broadway and R&B as well as a diverse cast representing America’s current melting pot of cultures. It rewrites America’s white history by adding people of color into the narrative where they belong.

The official trailer debuted yesterday June 21 on Disney+’s YouTube channel. From our previous report, “Hamilton” will have its streaming premiere on July 3.

“Hamilton” was originally slated to stream in 2021. But due to the pandemic hitting everyone hard, Disney executive Bob Iger decided it’s time to drop it on Disney+ this July. Us Hamilfans finally have some good news during these hard times. 

Watch “Hamilton” trailer below:

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