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We ask when Angkas is coming back, replies: “Sa tamang panahon.”


We miss Angkas. They take us to where we are heading and they’re always there when we need them most i.e. if we are late AF. 

Too bad it will take a while for our traffic love affair to continue. On June 21, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque reminds Angkas where The Department of Transportation (DOTr) stands: They no longer have the authority to operate, unless they are able to get a franchise.

According to Inquirer, our government’s pilot study on motorcycle taxis expired last April. This means ride-hailing apps like Angkas are considered illegal yet again, unless Congress does them a solid by passing a law allowing them to continue operating. DOTr says they “already submitted our recommendations to the House of Representatives and [we] are awaiting their action if [motorcycle taxi companies] will be allowed to continue operations.”

“Technically, there is nothing to resume in the meantime, unless a new law is passed legalizing their operations as a public transport mode,” explains the DOTr, without clarifying their recommendations for motorcycle taxis. DOTr’s pilot test was supposed to measure whether motorcycle taxis were valid options for public transportation. As of writing, they are currently banned under the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, or Republic Act No. 4136.

On June 20, Angkas asked the government if there’s a chance for them to continue to operate if they propose new safety and hygienic measures for backriding. Roque rejected the idea but clarified that the government might reallow back riding on private motorcycles once safety guidelines are drafted and approved. So if we want Angkas back, it might take a while.


We personally asked Angkas through the #AskAngkas hashtag on Twitter when they’ll come back. In response, they said, “Sa tamang panahon.” We will wait for that fateful day to come as we clutch Angkas’ portrait close to our chest.

Safe travels, our sweet, sweet child. We will be waiting for you no matter how long it takes. 

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